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2017 News:
The new Worldwide 60 meter band 5351.5 kHz to 5366.5 kHz, goes into effect after 1 January 2017. (not USA)

73 de Frank PH2M

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society have just announced that Irish radio amateurs can use the WRC-15 band of 5.3515 MHz to 5.3665 MHz with immediate effect. No application is necessary and the power limit is 15 watts. This is very good news for anyone with an interest in the 60 metre band.

Hopefully we will see the first Irish stations with WSPR on 60M

Today July 2 2016, PI4KGL is QRV with WSPR TX/RX during our PA6CASTLE event from Teylingen Castle in JO22GF

73 de Frank PH2M

Hallo allemaal,

Er zijn al maanden diverse Nederlandse stations met WSPR-TX actief buiten de voor Nederland beschikbare frequentie segment tussen 5.350 ~ 5.450 MHz. !!!
Ik wil iedereen die dit aangaat oproepen om zich aan de regels te houden en met onmiddellijke ingang QSY te gaan naar de nieuwe 'dial'frequentie 5.3662 (voorgesteld door Wilco PE1MPX)
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Hello all,

I want to inform you we will be sailing the Turkish waters & Greek waters (using SV5/) between the harbour of 'Datca' & Greek island of Symi using QRP-Labs Ultimate U3S with 200 ~ 300 mW & 2x EndFed slooper wire antennas for 40/20/10M & 30/17/12M! Also phone operations depending on conditions (mostly 20M & 17M :-) !) See for TA4/PH2M (SV5/PH2M) & TA4/PA3GUV (SV5/PA3GUV) information!

My good friend Jan PA3GUV is now 'QRV' with Extended-WSPR from southwestern Turkey as TA4/PA3GUV from KM46HU, using a QRP-Labs Ultimate3S + 3-band EndFed wire antenna on 40, 20 & 10M WSPR-TX with +/- 200 mW! (Next week (from 12 June) we will be QRV from sailing vessel GanGan using callsigns: TA4/PA3GUV & TA4/PH2M from Turkish waters & SV5/PA3GUV & SV5/PH2M from Greek waters around the Greek Island of Symi!)