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Let me start by saying that I really enjoy monitoring the High Altitude Balloon's that are involved with WSPR. Due to the way S series balloon telemetry is transmitted on WSPR,(using the grid locator portion for other telemetry), the spots end up in random locations all over the map.In the past,this has just added some clutter to the map and could be overlooked,now with WSPR op's monitoring the WSPR Challenge, these spots skew the distance reported stats in a big way.
We are a propagation reporting network and, seems to me, we should try to be as accurate as possible.

My "shack" computer is just your average set up: Windows 7 O.S. Dual Core 2.0 GHZ machine. Operates most all WSJT software without a problem. The rig I use the most for WSPR is a Flex 1500, which does a great job for me. Recently I started using WSJT-X v1.6.1 (r5823) for WSPR and JT-9,all went well until I asked the WSJT-X to band-hop with the Flex.

I found this article/ adjustment to be very helpful, I had a sideband/harmonic about 100KC high that I could not get rid of, this sample rate synchro procedure cleaned it up. Thought it would be a good idea to share with the group, in case other's are having similar prob's.

73, John

Welcome to new member Bill KK4INP/ARC NR4DL, operating from USCGC Ingham (museum ship) Key West, FL.

Welcome aboard!!

Just switched over to Meinberg, DT's are a lot closer now, (most less than 1 second),Meinberg gets my vote! While I am here, have to plug my new (just completed) Mag Loop, working like a champ!

73, John KC4RSN

Now that I have been operating WSPR mode for a while, there is something that I would like to see opinions on from other WSPR ops. I have observed +10db signals and above "covering up" the weaker signals during the 2 min. rcv sequence. I normally run 5 Watts output or less,and I have a friend nearby (9 miles) who is also a WSPR op., because of this I have reduced my TX fraction to 15%, which lets me trx approximately every 14 mins. and since most WSPR stations are transmitting @ 20%,( approx. every 6 to 10 mins.

For those of you who do not have a Software Defined Radio and would like to monitor the incoming WSPR signals on a sprectrum analyzer, try this one, works great!!
73, John KC4RSN
Google Spectravue or use link below