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As is my habit of leaving the rig on into the eve to monitor, heard some activity on 160 tonight. Into Philly between 02:20 and 02:34 UTC I caught -
K4RCG -16
W8AC -17
VE3CIQ -12
K9PAW - 27 (nice call!)

Was heard by EA8BFK today. My 5 watts into my attic dipole at only 15' apparently found a path. And prop conditions are poor. Nice.

Working the problem with my station not showing up in the map. Using WSPR rather than WSJT-X in WSPR mode. Added the program to the permitted firewall ports. No joy. Any ideas?

Lots of activity today for the eclipse. Fascinating to watch

After an 8-month down period, I'm back up and running on 20.

10 has been mouse-quiet these many past weekends. But today 10 opened up late in the day and here's what was decoded at my QTH in Philadelphia.

Another day with the trusty old FT-840 listening to 10 WSPR. Nothing heard. Nothing at all. Decodes on other bands, just not 10.

Today's lonely decode on 10 meters with poor conditions. Still amazing though.

1948 -26 -0.5 28.126160 -4 VE7UBC CN89 37 3864

My station will be monitoring 10 meters every weekend.

KN8DMK running 2-watts into an end-fed vertical today 8/14/2016 on 10M

1600 -25 -1.1 28.126139 4 KN8DMK EM89 23 681
1606 -23 -1.1 28.126148 2 KN8DMK EM89 23 681
1612 -24 -1.0 28.126153 1 KN8DMK EM89 23 681
1618 -23 -1.2 28.126155 0 KN8DMK EM89 23 681

Ah, the old trusty FT840 is humming again. This time I'm camped on 1.8366. Lots of 9-landers. They must all have big back yards in Illinois for those big 160 antennas.

Well, I wasn't into Ham Radio for a while, but the mood has struck again. So I'm back. Finally got WSPR and WSJT-X up and running. Having some fun.

30 at 04:15UTC still good. Receiving eastern Europe on the east coast of the US

Sorry to say that the participants in the ARRL RTTY Roundup 2013 have camped themselves all over WSPR on 20. Thats why I like the WARC bands so much.