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Maybe our (small) WSPR community already knows, but SWL Patrick F59706
from France challenges/d himself over the last years: Trying to decode
as much unique US/NA callsigns on 160m (1.8 MHz).

Innocent readers may think: "Why?"

From my perspective, trying to belong to the top world 160m contesters
etc. etc., my answer is simple: "Yes, this is really a challenge."

It's a challenge against (man made) noise and a challenge to
improve SNR receiver/-ing performance on Top Band (160m).

Note: under development and very experimental.
Click here for more information.

I got several questions concerning a curtain rail
acting as 'multiband' WSPR antenna.

Some people at my radioclub didn't believe me and
demanded a picture.

As promised, here is a picture of the WSPRing contraption.

See attachment.

See attached picture.

Recently I changed the stage after
the DDS module into a single 2n2222.