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The past days I've been receiving WSPR beacons on 40m from G4BYO. I noticed the grid locator being quite odd for an English station. The locator (IL16 yesterday, IL04 today) put G4BYO in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere south of the Canary Islands and west of the Western Sahara. I immediately expected a sailing yacht. Callsign G4BYO belongs to mr. William Tee. Googling this name brought me to this webpage:

From the DARC Facebook page July 5th, 2017
WSPR-Funkbake in der Antarktis

Sorry, all spots from PA7MDJ between 2017/06/04 2230 UTC and 2017/06/05 0012 UTC have the wrong band reported. The band reported is 20m, it should have been 40m.