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After hearing a discussion on our local repeater regarding the WSPRLite device, and with how much I like WSPR, I immediately ordered my WSPRLite box from SOTABeams. Ordered with the USB Cable, a SMA to BNC adapter. The order arrived next business day. Yippee.. Set up with a spare Razzy Pi 5 volt USB power supply and my G4TPH mag loop tuned for 20m I was up an running in no more than 15 minutes.

What a revelation... No need to run my 817, Surface Pro, ISOTerm isolation unit and a load of 12v Gel Batteries.

I cannot recommend the unit highly enough!!!

Yesterday (12th October 2016) I ran WSPR-2 for around 10 hours using my external homebrew inverted V dipole cut for 40m with the apex up at around 25ft (I know - not perfect!). Locator is IO71, IC-7100 and 5 watts. Mostly during daylight hours and around 3 hours during dark. Received some nice reports including a couple of VK's, a HS and a number of mid US stations which popped up as the sun went down.