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I'm plugging away unsuccessfully trying to get spots from my old raspberry pi but still enjoying the journey.

I think I made the mistake of jumping in at the deep end. I was trying wspr on my raspberry pi before I ever had a radio or had a good grasp on antennas.
Since the summer I have become the proud owner of an old Kenwood TS-820s which has taught me a lot. I now know how to replace the fuse in a TS-820s
and that the valves in these radios weren't designed for digimodes :-)


I've been plugging away for several weeks now with no spots from IO74.

I've a raspberry pi with a 1/4 wave dipole and lpf transmitting on 14.0971. The dipole is in my roofspace and facing east/west. I know transmitter power will be an issue but I'm hoping for at least one spot before I go to the bother of making an rf amplifier.

I don't have a rig but I'm getting a good signal via my computer/sdr dongle 20-30m away from the raspberry pi transmitter.

If someone can point something at me or do some wspr receiving magic I would be very happy :-)

If there is a wooden spoon for hams I should get it :-)

I'm running wspr on the command line of my old pi with a lpf from qrp-labs. After some stellar soldering of the lpf kit I wasn't getting a connection through the circuit. Talking to Hans at qrp-labs helped me realised that I had soldered toroids with enamelled wire and not removing the enamel for the connections to the pcb. I was happy to resolve the problem by burning the enamel off the bad joints and have now been waiting for 24hrs on 20m for someone to spot me.

I must say up front I'm am a tinkerer when it comes to radio. I've never owned a rig and one of my biggest radio achievements was a crystal radio. I got my license years back after the shock of finding out a AM transmitter I made could be picked up several miles away. At that point I thought it was time to get a better understanding of what I was doing.