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Finished my RedPit WSPR transceiver (add-on board) for almost 95% and now is operating on 40m with 2W.
Currently it can also be switched by SW to 10m 1W.

The board is 160mm x 100mm and contains:

Running a Red Pitaya as WSPR transceiver since 9th of Jan 2017.
RX antenna 6.5m wire in 1.7m height via UNUN on RX-1 in. RX QRG simultaneously on:
- 2200m
- 630m
- 80m
- 60m
- 40m
- 30m
- 20m
- 15m

TX antenna Hustler 4-BTV ground mounted:
- 40m with 10mW every 10min

since 18th of Dec I'm running a Red Pitaya as WSPR RX using Pavel Demin`s WSPR transceiver image.
Antenna is a Hustler 4-BTV 4 band verticle trap antenna.

8 bads scanned simulaniously incl. LF and MF. Today had my first LF spots :-)

Now 19th of Dec I added an ultra low noise amp from SV1AFN ( or -> HF pre-amplifier )

Vy 73 de Hartmut / DK5LH

...finished yesterday my 500mW WSPR PA incl. a 30m harmonic filter.
Started yesterday evening for 24h and got surprised to get reports from 5000km to 18000km.
Fun, fun, fun...

see pics on