WSPR from VK6

I've been listening to WSPR signals for several years mainly with a Yaesu TF-450D on various bands but only occasional ran the TX part of the program, however, over the last few weeks, I have up-dated the software on my Office PC and installed PowerSDR and WSRP 2 and fitted my Flex 1500 with a MFJ-971 Tuner and connected it to a 40/80 Trap dipole at about 5 meters high. This now allows me the chance to run WSRP most of the day and night and despite the simple Antenna I am surprised how well the system is working. I've decided to run the unit at an output of 30 dbm (1 watt) and mainly on 40, 30 and 15 meters.

Best coverage so far seems about 11390 km but early days and look forward to improving on this over the coming months.