Another FT-817nd convert (already a WSPRlite fan)

Since my last Blog entry, I've joined the ranks of FT-817nd owners. And while I am enjoying two QSOs (mainly digital modes) I am now also able to run some relative power tests (beyond the capability of the WSPRlite) on my indoor mounted magnetic loop antenna. I'm also finding it very convenient to report others who are on WSPR via the WSJT-X software. The capabilities of that software and JT modes continue to absolutely amaze me.

So far, one of the things I've figured out is that I should be spending more time on 30 meters - especially when relatively poor conditions prevail. I can always go into WSPR mode and get a good idea of what propagation is like - even though I see no signals. It turns out that my loop is apparently pretty efficient on 30.

As they say, see you on the Waterfall --KR6EN