The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

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de - AB9NN

I have a new toy from YAESU FT-891 for Mobile

Has anyone information about settings.....?

Thank all ! 73 de Leo

I got the DM1RXX on 5.288653MHz this morning / evening.
I really appreciate Alan / G4ZFQ's 60m freq. suggestion.
I will keep to tune in EU freq on 60m.

Toru / JG1eiQ

2017-05-09 19:40 DM1RXX 5.288653 -23 0 JO60lj 20 JG1EIQ PM74ns 8980 45

A short video that I have made demonstrates the possibilities to make WSPR contacts on 80-meter (or other bands up to 30 MHz) with a function generator.
Output of the generator is approx. 50 mW and the modulation is AM DSSC.

73, Eric PA1TNO

Very happy with my wsprlite,got over most of the northern hemisphere, truly remarkable on 200 milliwatts. at least I know my antennas are ok.

Hello all,

I will be QRV with 100W SSB + 200 mW WSPR-TX from the (Dutch)Caribbean Islands of Sint Maarten (PJ7/PH2M) May 19~24 2017, Saba (PJ6/PH2M) May 24~29 2017 & Sint Eustatius (PJ5/PH2M) May 29 ~ June 4 2017.

Confirmed bands 40~10M (including WARC !) and possible 60M (Allowed on PJ4, PJ5 & PJ6 from May 1st 2017 max. 25W), I will confirm 60M before our departure to the Caribbean!
Antennas used: all EndFed wire antennas: 40/20/(15/)10M + 30/17/12M + 60/15M

Really amazing... My first attempt on WSPR and i got heard all over.
Cool stuff all the way to VK country.

I use a WSPRlite from Sotabeams UK a litle TX easy to setup
With inbound Bandfilter for 20 and 30. BEST Dx was now VK5 JA
And W5 .Also CR5 get in the list ...

I am from time to time QRV .. heared first time in VK Land over the north still Hexabeam and 200mw

Today the beacon OQ8SNW special event beacon was on board a high altitude balloon between 10:00 and 11:00UTC.
see also other post about the beacon.
A special QSL card wil be received if you send report via nureau.
More info on FB group: VTS asgard gip and FB group: Asgard VII

I've been experimenting with my new WSPRLite over the past couple of weeks, mostly on 30m. 200mw seemed almost too easy so I have been progressively dropping the power. 10mw to VK6 yesterday was a new personal best km/watt. I'm now at 5mw into a 260' Inverted V dipole fed with 84 feet of twinlead with the center at approximately 75 feet.

According to the new ITU WRC-15 Allocation per 01-01-2017 it is not longer permitted for some countries
to transmit below 5351.5 kHz. See WIKI
This means for these countries that the official WSPR Dial frequency of 5.2872 is no longer in use for transmitting.
On experimental base an alternative WSPR Dial frequency of 5.3647 MHz is in use.
It may be worth to be QRV at that frequency.